New electronic driving licence-checking service for employers

The Driving Vehicle Licence Agency (DVLA) have made available a new electronic licence-checking service for employers to make life easier for businesses with fleets in light of the abolishment of the paper counterpart driving licence.

Industry bodies and associations have already been testing the online alternative with the DLVA. Similar in principle to the paper counterpart, the online alternative – Share Driving Licence – places the driving licence holder in control of their information and who they share it with.

The first part of the process requires the driving licence holder to generate a unique, one-time use access code for their record. This is achieved by the driver logging on to the View Driving Licence service. The driving licence holder may then share the access code, plus the last eight digits of their driving licence number, to anyone who has a right to see it.

The second part of the process will enable the third party to enter the access code and last eight digits of the driving licence number via the Share Driving Licence page on the Government website This will allow the third party to see the driver’s licence status, endorsements and what vehicles they can drive.

The view of the driving licence presented back to the third party will be date- and time-stamped, and downloadable in the form of a PDF. The information will be accurate at the time of download and is a snapshot of the record at that time.

Drivers will also have the option of downloading a PDF summary of their driving licence information that will have the unique one-time access code printed on it.

The DVLA believes the new service, which it says will “initially” be free to fleets, will improve risk management by giving employers access to “real-time” driving licence data.

In the event of a driver receiving any endorsements, courts will update driver records within 24 hours.

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