Zero hours’ contract under scrutiny at Sports Direct

Sports Direct have promised to review the way in which staff are contracted following intense criticism last week, when it emerged that the majority of their staff have been engaged on zero-hours contracts as standard “month after month, year after year”.

The colourful CEO, Dave Forsey, has defended zero hours’ contracts, saying “It’s very flexible and, contrary to what is reported, it does work very well for the vast majority of our casual staff as well as for the company.” But he has pledged to review working practices in the light of a run of employment tribunals and legal action.

The TUC have also criticised this form of contract saying, “low paid workers on zero hours contracts, and examples of working conditions that are more akin to a Dickensian workhouse than a FTSE 100 company, continue to hit the headlines with bosses making mega bonuses on the back of shocking employment practices”

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