Do you have an appraisal process at work?

Regular performance appraisals help create a corporate culture that promotes personal success. A structured appraisal process offers several benefits. Read more at

1. Track strengths and weaknesses
No one person determines an organisation’s success and identifying the right candidates for the right teams is a crucial part of successful performance management. The best way to ensure the right workers come together is to track individual strength and weaknesses.

2. Identifying talent
Hiring from within allows for continuity of management styles. Annual appraisals allow hiring managers to look back over the applicant’s entire work history and find the best internal candidates for a promotion.

3. Feedback
Constructive criticism provides employees with the necessary information to improve their on-the-job performance. Good managers give feedback that motivates employees to strive for improvement. By giving employees feedback about their performance on a regular basis, managers open up the lines of communication, enabling a good working relationship and encouraging a spirit of collaboration.

4. Training
Performance reviews give an opportunity to discuss training. The success of an organisation depends on every member, making training an integral part of continued success.
The give and take of a formalised performance review system allows employees to receive positive reinforcement for a job well done. Communication forms the foundation for all lucrative business interactions. Implement regular performance reviews and see immediate benefits to productivity and job satisfaction. We are running a workshop in Glasgow on 16th May which will help you implement an appraisal process in your business.

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