Make Meetings Effective

Consider meetings – how many times will an employee leave a meeting sighing “what a waste of time”! Part of making meetings effective starts right there – changing attitudes towards them. Meetings should be one of a number of important elements of work, and an important means of communication.

So how can they be more effective?

1. Objectives
Share the objectives in advance and if someone goes off agenda, then note the point and pick it up away from the meeting.
2. Timing
Consider when the meeting should occur – don’t make them in the middle of an afternoon – and keep them to a tight timeline. If you say the meeting will last an hour, try to make it end before the hour is up.
3. Invitation
Make the meeting compulsory for those who matter and an “invitation” for others who may find it useful. Allow people to decide for themselves and if they miss something important make them accountable for picking up the action.
4. Respect
Don’t allow interruptions or disrespectful challenge.
5. Phones
Phones and “gadget” watches should be off or put away. This includes breaks. If people break from a meeting to read email or take calls they will disengage from the agenda.

And finally, summarise actions, assign actions and FOLLOW UP on actions. Have a meeting that counts and drives the business agenda. Better still come to our half-day workshop – Managing Effective Meetings, in the beautiful Forbes of Kingennie resort in Angus, on Thursday 25th May 2017. Contact us at for further information.

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