How do you measure your business’ culture?

The culture of any business drives employees towards their goals and can determine the success or otherwise of that business. A strong company culture will help employees understand how they ought to behave and what they are expected to do to be successful at work. Here are some tips on building a strong and effective culture:

1. Have a clear purpose and know your company values
Aligning behaviour with values and standards will help determine a cohesive culture. Be clear about the aspirations and ethics of your business. This is key to engaging employees. Communicate the values at every opportunity. Make sure people understand what they mean and how their behaviour reflects those values.

2. Lead by Example
Leaders in the workplace should reflect these core values and the company culture in a way that drives and engages their teams. Management should be approachable and work alongside employees when necessary.

3. Listen to your employees
Encourage employees to share ideas and input. If you ask for opinion, act on it. Employee engagement surveys are a useful tool for this.

4. Look after your employees
In order for employees to fully embrace company culture, they need to feel engaged, valued and respected. Looking after the wellbeing of your staff is an important element of creating a strong company culture.

Developing a strong culture, while ensuring people engage and feel a part of the company is not easy. Company cultures reflect the attitudes and influences of company leaders and this must not be forgotten!

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