Pregnancy and Redundancy – Tribunal Award

A woman has been awarded £25,000 in compensation after an employment tribunal ruled she had been unfairly dismissed after she became pregnant.

The woman said she had suffered “a year of hell” after losing her job. She was initially employed on a year-long contract. She said her employer told her the contract would be extended for a year, but after the news of her pregnancy came to light she was informed this would no longer happen.

She said she spent five weeks “chasing” the written terms of her extended contract, which would have kept her in her role until her baby was born. She was later dismissed, shortly after announcing her pregnancy.

The employer denied that she lost her job because of her pregnancy, telling the tribunal that she was dismissed because of redundancy, and that her fixed-term contract had expired.

However, the tribunal found that the agency had offered “unreliable” evidence. The tribunal said the employer’s behaviour was “substantially and procedurally unfair”, stating that firing an employee over their pregnancy was a “serious act of discrimination”.

She was awarded £9,130 for financial loss of earnings including interest, £15,600 for injury to feelings and £435 for loss of statutory rights.

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