Attracting talent is about more than salary…

Salary isn’t the primary concern of today’s employees, according to a new survey. Instead, respondents overwhelmingly put the condition of their working environment (70%) and career progression (60%) ahead of salary.

The results of this survey show that candidates are interested not just in a job, but also where that opportunity will take their career. There is an increased expectation from those seeking new employment the next step in their career. When considering job adverts it is important to outline the full “package” – including benefits, culture, career and training opportunities and progression routes.

Company culture is crucial in recruiting and retaining the right employees; almost of half of the people surveyed had rejected a job offer based on a company’s culture and the makeup of their potential new team. Increasingly, employees want practical benefits, alongside a clear chance for progression, to supplement their salary – or as part of an employment offer.

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