Brexit and Immigration – what next?

No one has any clear idea of exactly when and how Brexit negotiations might begin and business concerns continue to grow.

With many industry sectors across the UK facing a possible post-Brexit staffing crisis, employers are set for an uncertain future as they wait to learn how the immigration system will accommodate companies that rely on European workers.

Immigration minister Robert Goodwill has acknowledged that the UK will need a “bespoke immigration system” and has suggested that there will be different rules for individuals depending on what sector they work in. He also confirmed that the Government will consult individual businesses and other stakeholders this summer as part of the preparation for the new immigration policy.

Those businesses with a high number of EU nationals must assess and consider how best to address any potential skills gap they would face if a solution is not found to the issue of having these employees post-Brexit.

However, employers are advised not to change their recruitment strategy at this stage, as targeting only UK-based workers could suggest discrimination. The advice seems to be to sit tight and wait for things to evolve in this arena.

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