Making adjustments for employees with mental health issues. Employers must do more

Just one in four people who have had a mental health problem for more than a year are in work, new analysis has found. In contrast, four out of five non-disabled people are working, as are half of all disabled people as defined by the Equality Act, according to the study by the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

The research also discovered that those with depression or anxiety were adversely affected, with just 45% of those suffering with either of these conditions for more than a year being in work.

The TUC is calling on employers to take action to support staff with mental health problems, including making reasonable accommodations to help them carry out their job, and to consult with affected employees to find out what changes would most benefit them. Often it’s relatively small adjustments, such as flexible working or counselling, that are needed to make a difference to people managing mental health issues at work.

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