Stark statistics reveal why new recruits leave

Nearly 90% of firms estimate that between 10% and 25% of new employees leave within the first six months.

According to a recent survey, the top reason new recruits leave is because their role is different from what they expected it would be during the hiring process – otherwise known as the “psychological contract”. 19% revealed that they left because they didn’t like the company’s culture.

Often, it’s an accumulation of negative experiences that drive new recruits away, which is why it’s crucial that the onboarding process isn’t overlooked.

However, many companies are failing to invest enough time and resources into this key aspect of their recruitment. Whilst 98% of the companies surveyed said onboarding is completed, nearly a quarter say it only lasts one day, and 30% say they only last a week. Here are some common errors:

1. Failing to prepare for their arrival
Employers that fail to prepare something as simple as a new desk for new starters can leave them feeling uncertain and undervalued.
2. Failing to appoint a “buddy”
People need to have someone to turn to, other than their manager. A buddy should also be given training and guidance and to understand their responsibilities.
3. Micromanaging
Whilst direction and coaching is always welcome, people want to feel a sense of trust, autonomy, and mutual respect – not to have a manager breathe down their neck.
4. Over-promising and under-delivering
When employers stretch the truth about their culture and environment, it won’t take long for new employees to find out!

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