How do you manage your remote workers?

UK organisations lose over £100m every year because of work-related stress, depression and anxiety, a figure which could soar in the coming decade if poorly managed nomadic working practices continue, according to an NHS organisation, Fit for Work. 48% of the UK would not feel comfortable talking to their manager about mental health issues, despite 65% of the population reporting that they are close to someone who has experienced mental illness.

Remote working is often considered as a ‘reasonable adjustment’ for staff suffering from stress and depression, or for staff who are unwell. However, this will only work if remote workers remain part of the team and are well managed.

It is recommended that managers look at evolving their processes for remote workers to include:

Office Time: Ensuring remote workers have at least one day in the office each month and helping them to make the most of this, establishing a support network including mentors or buddies

Online Support: Looking at support mechanisms which enable discussions on line during the working day

Context: Speaking to colleagues without a frame of reference can be extremely challenging, so remote workers must be included in company communications, staff parties, off-site meetings and events.

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