Is productivity the best measure of success at work?

Productivity is an often-used measure to gauge whether staff are engaged in their work. However, focusing too greatly on productivity may be causing employees to “burnout”, according to a recent survey. 95% of managers, administrators and executives cite burnout as a reason for employees leaving their jobs. Nearly half say employee burnout is responsible for up to half of their annual workforce turnover.

614 firms with 100 to 2,500+ employees were surveyed and they admit that the factors contributing to burnout should be under their control. For example, poor management (30%), employees seeing no clear connection of their role to corporate strategy (29%), and a negative workplace culture (26%) are causing talent to leave. Unfair compensation (41%), unreasonable workloads (32%), and too much overtime (32%) were named as the top three contributors to burnout.
While many organisations take steps to manage employee fatigue, there are far fewer efforts to proactively manage burnout.

Not only can employee burnout sap productivity and fuel absenteeism, but as this survey shows, it will undermine engagement and cause an organisation’s top performers to leave.

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