How do your young people size up?

A third of companies are concerned about young people’s attitude toward work; particularly in relation to literacy, numeracy, self-management and communication skills. These employer concerns were highlighted in a recent survey which also found that 40% of businesses were worried about younger staff member’s lack of customer awareness.

With the ongoing skills shortage costing the UK economy over £2billion a year, the report concluded that: “Personal attitudes, aptitude, readiness to learn, effective communication skills and a sufficient capacity to cope with numerical data are the key enablers. It is critically important that all young people are helped to develop as fully as possible in these areas.”

However, despite employer’s concerns, the increase of businesses using apprenticeships to their advantage and improving the usability of Learning and Development opportunities has boosted the profitability of some firms – changing people’s lives and providing an opportunity to help young people at a crucial stage in their development.

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