Removal of Tribunal Fees will bring a Rise in Certain Claims

Following the removal of employment tribunal fees there is a suggestion that tribunal claims will soar. We examine those cases most likely to increase:

Equal pay disputes
Claims surrounding equal pay are likely to increase following the attention the BBC pay report has attracted. Voluntary information around structures and pay will become more important as a means of providing an objective, non-discriminatory explanation for a perceived pay gap. Disclosing any steps taken to address this could also reduce the risk of being taken to tribunal.

Maternity discrimination
One in four young mothers have experienced maternity discrimination. Such claims can prove expensive, with one mother awarded £25,000 in compensation earlier this year after a tribunal decided she had been unfairly dismissed. Now the financial barrier of fees has been removed, it is likely that we will see more of these claims.

Discriminatory dress codes
A petition signed by more than 150,000 people protesting requirements for women to wear high heels in the workplace brought issues around workplace dress to national attention earlier this year. People can now bring those claims without personal cost and therefore disgruntled employees have nothing to lose by bringing a claim.

Claims from younger workers
An increase in claims is expected from younger workers, as the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ Survey has found that 49% of claimants were influenced by the requirement to pay a fee, with younger workers aged between 20 and 24 more heavily affected than those aged over 65.

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