Do you motivate your younger staff?

According to a report, our new graduates and young employees are the least motivated of the general workforce! After questioning 2,000 young workers (aged up to 28) the report found that a poor work/life balance made 33% feel demotivated and want to leave their job. 25% reported to feeling stressed at work and workplace bureaucracy made 22% question their motivation at work. Finally, conflict and tension contributed to 20% of younger workers lack positivity at work.

Apparently, the UK’s most motivated workers are 51 years old, driven by flexible working options, work that stretches and challenges them and opportunities to learn and develop their, or their team’s expertise.

People might be surprised that 20-year olds were found to be the least motivated workers in Britain, but many managers are getting it wrong by trying to motivate their young workforce in the same way that they motivate themselves, assuming they are identical to them. But times have changed and now the younger generation is less motivated by money or material awards but more by autonomy and a work/life balance.

By understanding our own work motivators, we can understand what makes our teams tick and therefore use this to boost workplace motivation.

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