Admin grind causing people to leave the office

A third of workers are tempted to leave their job, or have already left a role, because they are spending too much time on ‘work admin’, a new study has found.

The survey of 2,034 UK employees also revealed that two in five workers spent most of their working day on ‘work about work’ tasks – including going to meetings, looking for information or organising their workload – rather than doing their actual job.

Information overload, combined with a lack of clarity, has led to poor working habits, and limiting the productivity and morale of UK business teams and employees. There is evidence of increasing work intensity in UK workplaces that does not necessarily lead to enhanced performance and productivity. This means that employers need to foster smart and inclusive working practices that encourage higher levels of engagement and commitment, which in turn can lead to positive organisational outcomes.

The survey also found that the problem of work admin is worst at companies with 500-1,000 staff, with 58% of employees at businesses of this size saying they were asked to work on tasks that would then be duplicated by somebody else at the organisation.

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