Get ready for the Christmas holiday

Christmas holidays can be a headache – the Christmas season has an impact on most businesses and employees in the UK. There is often extra demand for products, services and sales in some businesses.

Many employees will request time off. Employees working over the Christmas period may experience different working patterns or face difficulties getting to and from work. It’s also a period when some businesses might need extra support and will take on seasonal workers.

This year, Christmas Day (25 December 2017) falls on a Monday, boxing day (26 December 2017) falls on a Tuesday, which means these two days will be Bank Holidays. There is no right to have either day away from work or taken as paid time off unless terms of the employment contract allow otherwise. Paid public holidays can be counted as part of statutory annual leave.

There is no legal right to paid leave for public holidays. Any right to paid time off for these holidays depends on the terms of a worker’s contract. Paid public holidays can be counted as part of the statutory 5.6 weeks of holiday.

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