Conflict in the workplace – top tips!

Conflict is an inevitable part of our business and professional lives. Disagreements, differing views, frank discussions – all these things can create positive outcomes if handled appropriately. Handled badly, the results can be damaging, destructive and dangerous.

When dealing with conflict there some key skills to consider:


An ability to understand a situation from someone else’s perspective

Thinking in advance of what is needed and what actions will help resolve the matter, before entering a difficult conversation.

Being open and having face-to-face conversations will always work better than email exchanges.

Having and showing respect for the person, the issue and the conversation itself will demonstrate that you are committed to resolving the conflict.

Being sufficiently brave to tackle the issue is the greatest challenge to dealing with conflict; but one which will inevitably help resolve the matter. Agreeing that there is a problem and that it needs to be solved will help to get to the root cause of the problem and ultimately lead to solutions being developed.

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