Equality and Diversity policies are not enough; guidance for employers

Whilst many organisations will have an equality policy in place, few are likely to have considered the context in which it operates or training for managers on its use. We provide some guidance on making your equality and diversity policy as effective as it can be:

1. Communicate
Clearly communicate the equal opportunities and diversity policy with all staff so that the culture set out in the policy is carried all the way through to the attitudes and behaviours people display in the office. Clearly define what is acceptable and what isn’t. It should be made clear that the traditional ‘banter’ culture should not extend to anything deemed to be discriminatory.

2. Train
Provide equality training. The policy should be explained in a concise way so that veryone in the organisation has a mutual understanding.

3. Be diverse with recruitment
Consider developing links with universities, schools and community groups to encourage diversity. Terms and conditions, benefits, pay and working conditions should be the same for all employees at the same grade and role.

4. Be flexible
Flexible working arrangements are one of the biggest contributors to an inclusive work environment. Support flexible working when possible; it generally improves productivity!

5. Review
Review your policy, and make sure that changes are communicated. Keep equality current in the workplace.

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