Keep your employees engaged and they won’t get itchy feet in January!

The New Year is often the time of year during which employees re-evaluate their job prospects, posing a risk to employers who may see an increase in resignations if employees are unhappy within their current positions.

It has been reported that 32.5% of the UK’s workforce consider moving on professionally in the New Year; however interestingly, statistics reveal that many hang on until after January’s salary date.
Below are several steps an organisation can take in order to assure a consistently impressive standard of employee retention and improve employee satisfaction:

1. Provide a positive working environment:

A workplace which inspires creativity and motivation will reap rewards for the company, ensuring employees function to their optimum level of productivity. Of the many ways to achieve this, communication is the simplest of them all; encourage an open environment to discuss what your employee wants and needs outside of a corporate, appraisal setting once every few months.

2. Reward and recognise:

Acknowledging the success and effort of your employees is an invaluable motivator; especially considering one of the biggest complaints from staff is not feeling appreciated. Research suggests that a simple ‘thank you’ is enough to promote a further sense of purpose within an employee, while more meaningful and detailed demonstrations of appreciation outline with more clarity what it is they are doing well, and how they can continue with their achievements.

3. Evaluate and measure job satisfaction regularly:

This step makes employees feel they are being listened to, and their requests genuinely considered.

4. Enhance motivation with team activities:

Offering staff training and development which translates through to personal lives, ensures staff remain a motivated. For example; improving communication skills, as a whole, will allow staff to create better working relationships as well as personal ones.
People want to be listened to, valued and considered; if the training resonates with them on both a personal and professional level, their engagement is heightened.

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