Do you have confidence that your colleagues are doing a good job?

British workers believe that just two-thirds of their colleagues are actually good at their jobs. The findings of a recent survey found that 23% of British workers describe their colleagues as ‘lazy’. Three-quarters say they do not do work to their best ability even once a week, with just a small minority saying they give work their all each day.
Two-thirds of workers report that they feel ‘out of their depth’ at work, with certain sectors having a high proportion of struggling workers including:

· Emergency services (85%)
· Charity (80%)
· Education (77%)
· Leisure and hospitality (77%)
· Government (76%)

Furthermore, the research also uncovered some alarming truths about teamwork – or lack of it. One third of Brits say they have had to cover up a mistake for a colleague and nearly a quarter say they have had their work presented by others as their own. The research also broke down the sectors where colleagues have the least amount of confidence in each other’s abilities. Those in PR and advertising industries believe that just 57% of co-workers are good at their job; followed by the IT industry and property.

In contrast, those who work in construction have the highest opinion of their colleagues, believing 73% to be good at their job, followed by emergency service workers, and those in the manufacturing sector.

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