Sports Direct and Primark named and shamed by the Government for failing to pay minimum wage

Employers who are falling foul of the National Minimum wage have been named and shamed in an effort to remind businesses that the correct payment Primark has hit the headlines as it was listed as the third biggest offender in the country after it deducted the cost of worker’s uniforms from their salaries, resulting in them earning less than the minimum wage. The retailer has been forced to pay back £231,973 to 9,735 employees. The company had insisted that staff choose items of clothing from the store to wear at work and then, when they deducted the cost from wages, the resulting pay was less than equivalent to the minimum wage for the number of hours’ worked. They were told that if they expect staff to wear uniform, they should be issued without any charge to the employee.

Sports Direct has also been told to pay back £167,036 to 383 staff – for failing to increase wages on birthdays. In total, 260 employers failed to pay £1.7million to 16,000 of the lowest paid workers. They have been fined a total of £1.3million as a result.

This is the thirteenth time that the government has named and shamed employers who have failed to pay National Minimum Wage and Living Wage rates. A further 2,500 cases are being worked on by HMRC. Eligible employers will be named and shamed after their cases have been closed.

Since 2013, the Government has identified £8million in back pay for 58,000 workers, with 1,500 employers fined a total of £5million.

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