Expected Employment Trends in 2018

This article focuses on the trends expected in 2018. What do we predict will occur?

1. More fluidity in the job market
Research has found that three quarters of employees believe that job-hopping has become more acceptable and 2018 will likely see more workers opting for freelance and contract positions.

2. Higher importance on workplace perks
A large proportion of candidates are likely to consider these to be a key factor when looking for a job. With many companies seeking new ways to stand out from their competitors, this will continue to be a priority in 2018.

3. More progress on closing the gender pay gap
A staggering 87.9% of women have said that they’ve been paid less because of their gender. This, combined with negative press and gender pay gap reporting, will place more pressure on organisations to ensure fair and equal pay in their workplaces.

4. A focus on a strong work/life balance
The average UK employee puts in over 13 extra working days a year, and nearly 2/3 admit that they often work more than their contracted hours. Businesses will be seeking ways to ease this pressure and alleviate stress.

5. Strong leadership will drive employee morale
We predict that organisations will focus on creating a robust senior management team, which can drive growth and employee engagement.

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