Improve information in job adverts to ensure the best fit!

Salary is the number one reason why employees change jobs, according to research from one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites. The survey of 750 hiring decision makers in the U.S. and UK, found that nearly half of recruiters are told that salary is the top reason for employees changing jobs.

The top four reasons for changing job, according to the survey are:
• salary
• career advancement opportunities
• benefits
• location

However, fewer than one in 10 online job listings include pay data in the advertisement and job specification, which can result in candidates refusing a role having been through a lengthy and thorough recruitment process. Salary can be a significant motivator for employees to take a job but if few job listings actually include pay information there is a risk that employers will waste time and money attracting the wrong hire!

Hiring managers need to manage expectations and use all channels available to them to communicate with potential candidates to ensure pay realities meet expectations. Giving job seekers insight into salaries, benefits, culture and what their career path might look like in a job is the best way to ensure the best fit and therefore to result in higher retention in recruitment campaigns.

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