Mindless meetings cost Scottish businesses £32k each per year!

More than half the time spent in meetings by Scottish office staff is “unnecessary”, according to new research, costing employers more than £11bn annually.

According to a recent survey, workers spend an average of more than nine hours each week preparing for and attending an average of 3.8 meetings. However, 2.3 of those meetings are deemed “unnecessary”, equal to five hours and 36 minutes of wasted time.

With the typical meeting having seven in attendance, the annual staff costs for unnecessary meetings per business comes to £31,939, based on average earnings data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Of those Scottish workers questioned, 70% said there are too many meetings in the working week. A further 77% said meetings need to be better focused and 79% said the meeting process has not changed since they first entered the workplace.

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