Warning for employers who ignored the “red” snow alert!

Scottish ministers are considering action against employers for docking the wages of staff who could not make it to work because of the bad weather.

The public was advised not to travel during the worst of the snow last week. Scottish Transport Minister Humza Yousaf said he had been contacted by people who were facing disciplinary action or potential docking of wages.

He told the BBC that was not acceptable and he would look at the legal position. ACAS advice is that the way an employer handles bad weather and travel disruption can enhance staff morale and productivity – building loyalty and resulting in staff being far more productive at home than wasting time trying to make a failed journey to work.

The Scottish Government has said that it will consider taking action against employers who put excess pressure on employees to travel when advised by the police not to.

For those employers who have not yet processed payroll, alternative suggestions are as follows:

• Agree that staff can make time up later
• Agree time off as paid holiday
• Suggest a half and half split – the employee takes half the time as unpaid an half the time as paid holiday

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