What is your business doing for Mental Health in April?

April is Mental Health month and according to a new survey, one in four workers feel their job negatively affects their mental health.

One in 10 respondents reported regularly feeling miserable at work and one in five were dissatisfied with their jobs. Workers in middle management feel particularly strained: 28% in this group said their work had a negative effect on their mental health, while more than a third said they had too much work to do.

These figures are slightly lower when considering the overall workforce, with one in four feeling their job negatively affected their mental health, and a third expressing concerns over their workload.

There are many things employers can do that make a real difference to the mental wellbeing of their employees; in particular, fostering better workplace relationships and giving employees voice and choice on aspects of their working lives. Employers are urged to ensure that all employees have a meaningful voice in the organisation via formal and informal mechanisms.

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