What are you doing for Stress Awareness Month?

The majority of UK employers fail to meet basic standards when it comes to supporting their staff with mental health, a study released to coincide with Stress Awareness Month has revealed.

Poor mental health is the most common reason for people to take time off work, costing businesses an estimated £10.6bn in sickness absence and £21.2bn in reduced productivity per year, according to NHS data.

However, despite 93% of employers considering workplace wellbeing to be an important business need, more than a third of companies do nothing to support the wellbeing of their staff, the new survey has shown.

The two biggest causes of workplace absenteeism were musculoskeletal problems and stress, conditions that are linked to each other and to mental ill-health. These conditions can be made worse by employee turning up at work when they are ill, or underperforming because of stress, working long hours, having excessive workloads, lack of control and poor working relations.  Once again, employers are being urged to consider how to improve the  mental health and wellbeing of their teams.

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