Are you part of a high performing organisation?

High performing organisations share important features which can deliver substantial results – what can we learn? The features of a high performing organisation are:

  1. Quality of managers and strong leadership capability
  2. Openness in management style
  3. Managers with strong strategic focus
  4. A culture of continuous improvement
  5. Quality and retention of employees

It might be possible to improve performance by addressing just one of these factors, however in those businesses that consistently outperform their competitors, all of these factors generally work together in harmony – and what is most important is that they are underpinned by a strong culture.

Truly valuing employee participation and applying coaching methods to ensure that mistakes are used as learning opportunities, will result in an acceleration of both the quantity and quality of employee contribution. By embedding coaching, the organisation will achieve a clear focus on continual renewal and improvement, at the same time as building valuable skills vital for sustainability.

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