Staff won’t discuss stress and managers aren’t trained when they do!

Less than a sixth of workers feel comfortable speaking to their manager about their stress levels, a comprehensive survey has found. The study of 4,619 people – which was conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Mental Health Foundation revealed that a quarter of millennials and almost one in five baby boomers believe they compromise their health to do their job. The research also found that 84% of managers acknowledged that employee wellbeing was their responsibility, but less than a quarter said they had received any training on the matter.

Training and guidance on engaging with employees on mental wellbeing is crucial for line managers. Organisations with managers who are able to effectively promote good mental health are less likely to have seen an increase in reported common mental health conditions.

The statistics suggest that stress is a significant issue for the British workforce. Giving employees support and a positive psychosocial work environment has a proven impact on productivity and means that employees embrace the challenges of work with more energy and commitment.

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