Is Brexit making your staff resistant to change at work?

According to new research, along with the perceived damage to UK trade and border security, Brexit could be having an impact on employee attitudes.

The survey has examined opinions of between 1,300 and 1,500 UK employees every year since 2015 to track their attitudes and perspectives on work. This year’s findings reveal that just three quarters of respondents feel very or quite optimistic about their future in the workplace, a drop of 6% since 2015.

The fall in optimism is even more pronounced amongst employees in Generation Z, who have seen an 8% decline in positivity since 2015 (from 91% to 83%), perhaps driven by their opposition to Brexit.

Adding to these concerns, respondents are also feeling less confident about their skills than they were in 2015, perhaps due to rise in new technologies entering the workplace. Just 80% now believe they have the skills and training to succeed in their role, down 8% on three years ago.

This lack of confidence could be one of the reasons why stress levels have also risen in the workplace, with one in five employees now saying they experience stress every day. The constant political emphasis has forced businesses to be flexible and change management has become the new normal for employers, yet employees are finding  it difficult to remain focused and unaffected by these seismic changes.

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