Interviewing top tips

The best recruitment interviews allow candidates to demonstrate why they would be a good fit for the business while understanding the business from the employer’s perspective.

However, occasionally the employer fails during the interview process leaving the candidate disillusioned with the opportunity..


Know your business

Make sure you are ready for candidate questions about the business and sound knowledgeable and confident when talking about business plans and its future.


Be honest about the terms and conditions

Make sure that candidates are not lulled into a false sense of how the business works. If it is a tough environment, call it out. If you expect overtime, tell them.  Give them an example of a typical working day and week so they have clear expectations of the role.


Don’t make the job harder than it really is

Don’t make the job more complicated or difficult than it really is, to impress the candidate.  In reality this is more likely to put them off and you will still be looking for the ideal candidate long after the last interviewee has left!


Give candidates your time

Allow time for the interview and for questions – don’t cut the candidate short. Their questions can be highly enlightening and tell you what motivates them.  Make sure you really listen to answers, funneling more questions based on their answer rather than rushing onto the next question on your list!

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