Men are more likely to tell lies on their CVs according to a recent study

A quarter of those surveyed admitted to regularly stretching the truth on their CVs to secure employment. Previous work experience is the most common fib, with 47% of those listings referring to non-existent former employers.

False previous education was ranked second at 41%, closely followed by false personal interests at 20% as the next biggest lie. One in five workers who lied on their CV told perspective employers that they were proficient in programmes such as Excel and PowerPoint to help embellish their applications.

Here are six ways for employers to identify CV lies:

  • Look out for skills without evidence
  • Line up employment dates to make sure that they look legitimate
  • Ask references similar questions to ensure that the match
  • Check social channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see omitted information
  • Look for obvious signs in interviews such as negative body language, lack of eye contact and shallow answers
  • Run a background check: official sets of results will help verify that your new hire is who they say they are

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