How to counteract misuse of social media at work

Workplace social media policies are increasingly required to counteract inappropriate employee use of social media.

The majority of employees have access to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat but despite this, according to a recent survey, almost one third of UK companies still don’t have social media policies in place.

In 2001, a pub manager was dismissed for gross misconduct after posting offensive comments on her Facebook account after a disagreement with customers. The employer had a comprehensive social media policy, which influenced the tribunal’s decision to uphold her dismissal.

But what about LinkedIn? A recent case looked at the ownership of a client database brought to the company by a new employee and concluded that an employee’s contacts stored electronically in Outlook belonged to the employer, regarding it as the employer’s property as it was created in the employer’s time using its resources and under its control and supervision.

Having a well written, up-to-date social media policy is a necessity for every business!

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