Reduction in limit for personal injuries criticised by Trade Unions

Critics have slammed the government’s plan to double the small claims court limit for personal injuries to £2,000, potentially discouraging thousands of injured workers from bringing cases against their employers. The change is part of the government’s wider reforms programme for the civil justice claims system.

The limits adjustment would mean anybody suffering an injury at work likely to pay less than £2,000 for a successful claim would need to go through small claims as opposed to using the fast track system, making it more difficult to recover costs.

It is thought that this could result in an upsurge of claims against employers where individuals do not have specific legal advice to determine whether a claim is worth pursuing or not. This may, in turn, cause employers to spend more on defending the personal injury claim.

Trade Unions have warned that increasing the limit to £2,000 will restrict access to justice for injured workers and have a damaging effect on workplace health and safety as negligent employers are less likely to face the consequences in court.

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