A new report has recommended that the Government should survey workers annually about their job security, wellbeing and employer support.

The report recommends that the Government should better monitor the quality of work in the UK, by including questions about feelings of purpose, pay and pressure in the annual Labour Force Survey.

The report goes on to cite the increase in more flexible or ‘atypical’ forms of working in the last 10-15 years, a term that encompasses part-time workers, self-employed, agency workers, temporary workers, workers on ‘zero hours contracts’, and people working in the ‘gig economy’ – as creating increased levels of uncertainty and anxiety.

Coupled with this, a recent TUC report highlighted that around one million UK workers cannot challenge minimum wage or holiday pay abuses due to being employed by recruitment agencies, umbrella companies and personal service companies. It is thought that surveying UK workers will improve policymakers’ understanding into how changes, such as the rise of the gig economy and automation, are affecting them.

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