Being an age-friendly employer has benefits

A recent YouGov survey on age discrimination in the workplace found that since turning 50, 14% of over-50 employees believe they have been turned down for a job due to their age and nearly one in five have or have considered hiding their age in job applications. Nearly half have said that their age would disadvantage them in applying for a job and one in five think people see them as less capable due to their age.

It is suggested that employers applying the four steps below will have a more inclusive workforce and will be less likely to be regarded as discriminating against older workers:

  1. Make it easy for staff to apply for flexible working: Businesses that offer more flexibility and manage the application process allows people to be open minded about applying for a job in their later years, knowing they can work flexibly to suit their lifestyle.
  2. Recruit positively: Actively target candidates of all ages, and work at minimising age bias in recruitment processes – ensuring that recruiting managers see past appearance and consider experience and motivation as primary recruitment drivers.
  3. Ensure everyone has support to be healthy at work: Enable early and open conversations, and access to support and adjustments for staff with health conditions – regardless of their age.
  4. Encourage career development at all ages: Provide opportunities for people to develop their careers and plan for the future at mid-life and beyond

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