How productive are your meetings?

A recent study has found that employees waste almost 13 days a year in unproductive meetings. The survey of more than 2,000 employees found the average employee spends 187 hours in meetings per year – the equivalent of 23 days. However, 56% of these meetings were deemed unproductive by workers.

More than a third admitted to switching off during meetings that lasted too long, while almost a quarter of those surveyed said they had witnessed someone fall asleep in a meeting.

People are most engaged when they are interested in the topic and feel their contribution is valued and so it is imperative that businesses consider how many meetings are planned in any month, the value of those meetings and the contribution that people are making in them.

Meetings are often vital to the efficient running and success of the business but it is important that not too many staff attend and that everyone has a role to play, and can contribute to specific issues that impact upon the decision.

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