New law relating to itemised payslip

The Employment Rights Act 1996 (Itemised Pay Statement) (Amendment) Order 2018, which takes effect in April 2019, will require employers to provide additional information about the number of hours that are being paid within the payslip of employees with variable hours of work.

At the same time as this requirement to provide additional information, the Employment Rights Act 1996 will be amended to extend the right to receive a payslip to all workers. This means that all workers will be will be entitled to information about the number of hours they are being paid for in a pay period.

Payslips will need to state the total number of hours being paid for with separate figures for different types of work or different rates of pay.

The aim of this change is to help workers see whether the number of hours they have been paid for corresponds with the number of hours they have worked. It is intended to empower workers to challenge their employers if they think there has been an underpayment.

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