Are your staff up to speed on GDPR? One in five employees aren’t!

A new study has found that almost one in five of UK workers haven’t been given a GDPR policy by their company.

According to the poll of over 1000 UK workers, one in ten didn’t know who was responsible for GDPR at work, while one in five thought it was their manager’s responsibility. Another 10% believe it is up to office managers to monitor confidential data regulations and 6% thought it was up to their board of directors to ensure they were compliant with GDPR.

Despite the looming threat of hefty fines that could cost the business up to £1.22bn, it appears that employees are still taking huge risks with confidential data. According to data gathered from over 1,000 office workers in the UK, over half had seen personal or confidential data they shouldn’t have. Over one third admitted they have left confidential paperwork unattended at work.

And it wasn’t just physical files that were proving a GDPR risk to businesses. Slightly under two-thirds admitted having received an email not destined for them at work since the GDPR deadline in May, while almost half had sent a classified email to the wrong person by mistake.

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