Would you be comfortable being a “microchipped” employee?

Thousands of UK employees could be affected by the plans of some firms to microchip their employees in bid to stop them accessing sensitive areas. The business that manufactures the chips claims it is in talks with a number of UK legal and financial firms.

The microchips which are only the size of a grain of sand are injected into the fleshy area between the thumb and forefinger and it is claimed that they can help increase efficiency by speeding up the signing in process at work, or accessing technology such as printers and photocopiers.

This type of microchipping can remove the inconvenience of a forgotten badge of credit card and significantly reduces the risk to data. However, the manufacture offers reassurance by confirming that the device is only readable if the employee is within six inches of a chip “reader”. It is an interesting concept that is bound to create debate in employers – watch this space for further updates as we track those businesses that introduce microchipping of their employees!

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