Flexible working practices during the Christmas break

A survey of over 3,000 office based staff asked them if they wanted to change the way they worked in the run-up to Christmas. Overwhelmingly 75% of respondents answered that they would. The results were an even split between 51% wanting the opportunity to work from home and 49% the chance to work flexible hours.

Flexible working is on the increase and can be supported if businesses are mindful of the need to communication effectively. Managers need to ensure that employees check in with the office on a
regular basis, around working hours and practices, workload and meeting actions. There are various methods of technology that can support this such as:

• Slack

• Trello

• Team Week

• Skype

In the post GDPR world, security has never been a higher concern for businesses with remote workers. Businesses can take steps to reduce the risk of data being lost or breached with employees working from home:

• Strong password and log-in procedures.

• Use encrypted emails, restrict some remote access and ring-fence data where necessary.

• Avoid the use of public computers and WiFi.

• Use asset label tracking for devices.

• Regular update of security protection and software monitoring.

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