Do your employees “perform their best”?

More than one in four employees are ‘not performing their best’ and are giving less than 100% at work, according to a new report.

Of the more than 2,000 UK people questionned a third said they were ‘not stimulated by what they do’ and almost two in five said their work was ‘not meaningful’.

The report also found the UK lagged behind its European counterparts. On average, just one in five employees across Europe said they were not performing at their best.

For the UK to remain a globally competitive economy, more needs to be done to address productivity and the skills gap in the workplace. Employers must offer support to strengthen workers’ skills and communicate the value their roles are bringing to their company.

Building new skills is critical for UK workers when it comesto their job satisfaction. Three in five said advanced IT was a key competence for them to remain employable, a third said problem-solving skills would be needed and a third saidteamwork was important.

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