Health and Safety – it’s just common-sense

If health & safety truly was just common sense, and every employee had a level head, there would be no accidents. In 2018, 144 fatal injuries were reported to the HSE.

A further 71,062 non-fatal injuries to employees were reported in the same period, with a total of 0.6 million non-fatal injuries to workers.

In the same report the HSE also found that there were over 239,000 new cases of workers suffering from a case of stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/18, leading to a loss of 15.4 million working days.

Aside from the moral responsibility that every employer has to their employees, and the legal ramifications of failing to be health & safety compliant, there are also significant fines to consider.

Data from the HSE shows a total of 45 cases in 2017/18, where the fine was greater than £500,000. The largest fine made during this period was £3 million and was given after a fatal fall from height.

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