Employees ‘uncomfortable’ discussing mental health

Recent research has found that over three quarters of professionals believe employees at their place of work would be uncomfortable discussing mental health challenges – largely due to fear of being stigmatised and singled out. Survey respondents cited feeling anxious about how they might be perceived by co-workers, concerns over the harm to future career prospects, feeling embarrassed and fears that they wouldn’t be trusted with more responsibility.

According to 2018 research from Accenture, nine in ten UK workers have been challenged by mental health. Worryingly, their survey of 2,000 UK workers found that 61% of those experiencing mental health problems don’t tell anyone about it.

Subsequently, many businesses are working to develop their line managers and educate them on how to start that conversation with employees. The world has become a place where mental health issues are being discussed more openly and it is important for employers to look out for staff during these more difficult times.

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