How are you motivating your millennials?

According to recent research, three in ten millennials have already had five or more jobs in their career to date. The poll of more than 2,000 UK workers found that 28% of people aged between 18-34 have already had more than five jobs. The average millennial has already had 3.4 jobs, compared to 5.9 for those in the 55+ age bracket.

The research also found that over half of millennials plan to move jobs within two years, and over a third within the next twelve months. This generation of employee is looking for multi-disciplined, diverse careers and will be more likely to move sectors as well as jobs, compared to those aged between 35-55. While more than 83% of over-55s cited salary as one of their top three motivations for choosing a new role, this fell to just 67% for millennials.

Much has been written about the difficulty that employers have in understanding what motivates millennials and the consequence of this is that many employers fail to meet the needs of their millennial employees. There are advantages to a diverse job background and people who embrace variety may be more adaptable and more likely to have a range of soft skills with a wider pool of professional contacts.

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