Guidance published on Age Discrimination

ACAS has published new Guidance on Age Discrimination to help employers unfair treatment at work and have provided some examples of age-related discrimination that may occur without employers realising:

Ageist remarks are likely to be discriminatory even if they are not intended to be insulting. “You look great for your age” is discriminatory if it has the effect of upsetting the recipient.
Job applicants are often discriminated against because of the age people “think” they are.
Employers may make age-based assumptions about what job applicants and employees are capable of and how they will behave. This type of stereotyping is one of the most likely causes of age discrimination.
Employers may pressurise an employee into retiring if they think that the job is “beyond them”.
Employers may assume there is more value in training younger staff rather than employees.
Employers may unwittingly fail to treat employees consistently and fairly when assessing their performance and setting future goals, based on their age or perceived age.

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