Unpaid work trials may be used in recruitment, following Governmental guidance

The Government has issued guidance on when employers may use unpaid work trial periods as part of their recruitment processes.

There has been much negative press around using trial work periods. The situation has now changed. The guidance suggests that unpaid trial shifts can be used as part of a ‘genuine recruitment process’.  This is subject to a few provisos, such as ensuring candidates are monitored and assessed during the shift, the duration of the trial shift is no longer than needed to assess the prospective employee and that the “work” undertaken is the work that would be done,should the candidate be successful.

It is important to take a consistent approach in asking prospective candidates to undertake work trials to avoid any risk of discrimination claims.  The correct use of a trial work shift can be a key tool in the recruitment process, allowing both the candidate and the employer to assess whether they
are a good fit.

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