Businesses still not fully aware of data security issues

New research claims that 43% of senior executives and managers have suffered at least one cyber-attack within the last two years and whilst sensitive data may well have been compromised, only 31% of those polled believe that the cases had been dealt with properly.

The report claims that less than half of senior executives and managers feel that their employees are conscientious about the threat of a cyber-attack, whilst just 51% believe that their businesses have adequate strategies in place to deal with such attacks.

13% of those polled actively believed their workplace protections were poor, whilst 30% described their security as ‘average’.

According to government-funded cyber security site Cyberaware, there are a few key steps to ensuring workplace cyber safety:

1. Ensure that all work-based computers are up-to-date on the latest malware-blocking software and systematicallyupdate passwords on a regular basis.
2. Ensure that all data is legally stored in safe locations. This means ensuring that staff do not leave sensitive data in un-secured files.
3. Provide staff training on security and safe storing of data.

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