In celebration of International Women’s Day

We met today to plan out our financial and strategic targets for the year ahead and it seemed fitting that we did so on International Women’s Day! We feel privileged as a team that we can work together, play together and plan together – here are some reasons why female teams are successful:

Women as problem solvers

Research has determined that often women can problem solve more quickly when working with other women because they are likely to seize on the positives of each other’s ideas – encouraging and considering, to make them work!

Female leaders are trusted

A 2015 study found that employees were more 34% more likely to trust a female boss!

Leaders are often tasked with choosing between options that aren’t black and white, ethically speaking, and the capacity to lead honestly and with a strong moral compass is important to the both business success and job satisfaction.

Women are collaborative

Last year, researchers found that women can find it easier to collaborate and work across party lines than the men. Research in the US Senate in 2017 established that in the past seven years, the average female senator co-sponsored more bills with other Senate women than men sponsored bills with other Senate men. Maybe this is replicated in the workplace?

Women as mentors

Effective mentors don’t judge thoughts, ideas or dreams — they help to achieve them. At 121 we guide each other to new opportunities and push each other to develop and grow. This in turn helps us grow the business and provide outstanding service to our clients!

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